Taxonomy, ontology and suchlike

More internet searches.

Been chasing down the distinctions between taxonomy, ontology and suchlike for the new mini-book on ‘enterprise-architecture for IT-architects’. There’s a useful set of Wikipedia links, of course:

  • taxonomy (literally, “the arrangement of names”) – one of the core foundations for data-architecture
  • ontology (literally, “the study of being”, or ‘is-ness’) – the basis for categorisation [the link I’ve given is for ‘computer-science’ ontology, but there’s also a Wikipedia article on general ontology]
  • …and a whole bunch of metamodel stuff:

Those last three items are too IT-oriented to be much direct use for my style of enterprise-architecture, of course, but they do describe some relevant approaches that could be extended towards a whole-of-organisation level. (More ideas to track down in future! 🙂 )

Following on from the ontology link, a couple of additional useful articles:

Following those Wikipedia trails led to yet more links, this time for enterprise-architecture from a Defence angle:

  • International Defence Enterprise Architecture Specification (IDEAS) Group – an emphasis on IT-architecture, as usual, but with an emphasis on ontology (and not US-dominated, for a change, as implied by the spelling of ‘Defence’ on the website) – a couple of bonus links on the group’s history, and methodology, as derived from the BORO program (below)
  • Business Object Reference Ontology (BORO) – kind of a defence-oriented root-level ontology, similar in aim to my rework of Zachman, judging from an very-incomplete list of BORO ‘reference ontologies’; and
  • an overview of MODAF (the UK equivalent of the US DODAF Department of Defense Architecture Framework), showing the distinctions between the framework ontology and the viewpoints into that ontology

A linky week, really.

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