'Pendulum' and 'Workbook' back in print

Yup, they’re back already from the printers (thank you Lightning Source for a service much quicker than your listed ’10 business days’!) – Elements of Pendulum Dowsing and The Dowser’s Workbook are now officially back in print. 🙂

Links on the Tetradian Books website also point to the (free) e-book versions:

Will probably take me another week at least to get the e-commerce section of the site up and working. But judging by the speed with which Real Enterprise Architecture turned up on Amazon, they should also be orderable direct from Amazon, Borders, Barnes&Noble and the others with the next few days, too.

Please pass around to your various acquaintances, if you would? – many thanks!

1 Comment on “'Pendulum' and 'Workbook' back in print

  1. Good stuff! Congratulations!

    You might find one of the magazine-style formats fits your needs. The current blog design does not do your books any kind of service. Check out annwn.com for one–I have morphed it rather than let it die. The link below also gives several other designs:


    There’s a bit of a learning curve in figuring out how to use them, but I’m sure you’re more than capable. 🙂

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