A week in Tweets: 1-7 August 2010

A bit late again – got a bit distracted. Never mind, here’s another week’s-worth of Tweets and links, sorted into the usual categories, after the usual ‘Read more…’ link:

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, business strategy and other ‘big-picture’ business themes:

  • eatraining: Agile Enterprise Architecture: Two Way Traffic http://bit.ly/bkVCTe #entarch #itarch
  • SAlhir: RT @rsarasua “Questioning is a basic tool for rebellion” Shaping Strategic Questions http://j.mp/aoktHB via @sebpaquet @VenessaMiemis <long, detail and fairly old (1999) but very useful 7-point summary for structuring strategic questions for #entarch etc
  • eatraining: Practicing Enterprise Architecture: The Essential EA Toolkit (Part 1) http://bit.ly/aHchKw <capability models #entarch
  • beyondea: Ten Commandments for Enterprise Architects: http://beyondea.com/2010/08/ten-commandments-for-enterprise-architects/
  • eatraining: Sustainability as Asymmetry of Impotence http://bit.ly/apyXqu <thought-provoking #csr #entarch #bizarch
  • business_design: RT @sgblank: Keeping Score: http://wp.me/prGQZ-1Ep <useful questions from Steve Blank on #bmgen Canvas #bizarch
  • business_design: ‘Companies who fire all their mavericks are not very likely to come up with disruptive innovations’ weekend thoughts w/ @sgblank <the ‘business anarchist’ theme again, in a different guise
  • jdevoo: RT @dcarli: Proposed Standard ULE 880: Sustainability for Manufacturing Organizations: Open for Comment www.bit.ly/9WXOda #entarch
  • oscarberg: The traditional corp is designed for economies of scale & efficiency, not for speed, flexibility & innovation // Innovation, speed & flexibility must come first, economies of scale & efficiency second – how many corporations have these priorities?
  • kvistgaard: RT @ariscommunity: New article “Process Management as a Service” http://bit.ly/cpwtT7 #soa #bpm <- excellent, SOE = real SOA, not just web s <solid work, but to me it seems routine, the kind of modelling we were doing 5 years ago at AusPost – am I missing something?
  • taotwit: RT @jurgenappelo: Wired: Interview with Fred Brooks, author of the Mythical Man-Month http://dlvr.it/3Kxy6 <strong recommend: nominally IT, but a much broader range – solid sense throughout
  • mikejwalker: What Enterprise Architects can Learn from Designers http://bit.ly/9IzsaM #entarch #bizarch #designthinking
  • (via @oscarberg) ‘A Pattern Language’ – complete step-by-step online summary of Christopher Alexander classic http://bit.ly/anUswQ #entarch <an essential resource
  • oscarberg: RT @TonyByrne: Intranet guru Jane McConnell ( @netjmc ) asks impt question: how to integrate Enterprise, Bus Line, and Indiv concerns? http://bit.ly/c7bsks #km #itarch #entarch
  • bartleeten: Long Live the Panarchy http://j.mp/9dxV7q <recommend for #entarch #bizarch #itarch #biztransform etc
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @KedgeForward: Excellent resource! RT @shapingtomorrow: Foresight Glossary http://bit.ly/alIGni #futures #entarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @sniukas 7 ways to bake trust into your business model http://ow.ly/2knlz #bizarch #scrm #entarch
  • getstoried: #innovation insanity! – 67 innovation business ideas from @trendwatching – http://bit.ly/bZGOAG <the current (Aug10) edition of the always-interesting Trendwatching review
  • SAlhir: RT @Kallokain: Re-imagining Agile – Why it shouldn’t be done, and how to do it http://bit.ly/blxTnd <agile, #entarch & #bizarch – long, detailed but definitely well worth the read
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh: In an unpredictable world, the challenge isn’t seeing further into the future. It’s seeing deeper into now.
  • business_design: Diagram sketched on my iPad: Business Model Prototyping and Customer Development V2  http://post.ly/qABX
  • oscarberg: RT @Gartner_inc: 10 ways the “world of work” will change in the next 10 years: #Gartner http://bit.ly/9agz2D #e20 #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @ConversationAge: Blinded By Certainty http://ow.ly/2kFnZ [follow @kevinertell, too] #strategy
  • practicingEA: July in Review in the EA Blogosphere – http://bit.ly/aYnl1L <many thanks for the mention of Enterprise Canvas!
  • SAlhir: RT @G2iX Innovation is a process of social interactions. Create environments. http://bit.ly/dqPSmv #entarch [via erlanovation] <thoughtful and practical [includes Portuguese parallel-text version]
  • oscarberg: RT @GeorgeDearing: By @dhinchcliffe “Six Social Business Trends To Watch” http://bit.ly/bO3Lxp <‘design for loss of control’ – recommend #entarch #bizarch [also note the business-anarchist theme]
  • eatraining: Reading for Enterprise Architects: The Four Phases of Design Thinking http://bit.ly/aKQdcX
  • oscarberg: RT @vqab: Good read on why firms can’t innovate – http://bit.ly/dDqkFu #innovation #entarch #bizarch
  • oscarberg: RT @adamcoomes: Every 2 Days We Create As Much Information As We Did Up To 2003 http://bit.ly/aN2K5C > Data is not the same as information <agree with Oscar there: more data may well mean less actual usable-information
  • eatraining: The over-reaction architecture governance anti-pattern http://bit.ly/a9809g <useful reminders about real-world practice…
  • business_design: Blogpost Combining Business Model Prototyping, Customer Development, and Social Entrepreneurship http://bit.ly/bV9gvZ thanks to @sgblank <Peepoople: good case-study #bmgen #bizarch
  • JohnPolgreen: from Boston #TOGAF cert class: everyone knows 7 layers of OSI stack. You must add 2 layers to do successful #entarch – Politics & Religion <very good point – centrality of culture and deep-myth
  • adrianrcampbell: Using MIT CISR’s Operating Model to Drive #BizArch Design  http://tinyurl.com/34jj96e #EntArch <i.e. Ross, Weill & Robertson’s ‘EA as Strategy’ – which unfortunately is strongly IT-oriented, if not unusably IT-centric in parts… oh well…
  • tetradian: [post] ‘Context-space mapping with Enterprise Canvas, Part 5: Service content’ (tutorial) http://bit.ly/cIWOdY #entarch #bizarch
  • trevorsnaith: PsychologyToday: Misunderstanding the brain is bad for business http://bit.ly/bcuE7Z #orgarch #bizarch #entarch #e20 #km
  • BillIves: Tom Davenport on BP’s KM decline and its consequences http://bit.ly/9Gy02J <see also comments, esp. by Collison & Parcell #km #entarch
  • BillIves: RT @SameerPatel: RT @gyehuda: @deb_lavoy. Collaborative Culture, or the Real Enterprise 2.0 http://bit.ly/dCsmq5 +1 +1 +1 more <“The ‘real’ Enterprise 2.0 is not a technology or marketing plan, but the reinvention of the enterprise itself. It’s a rethinking of the structure, process, culture and even, in some cases, the very purpose of the enterprise.”
  • eatraining: The Secret Relationship between Enterprise Architecture and Outsourcing: Part Three http://bit.ly/bbSMWw <what it says… a good summary by James McGovern of requirements and principles for #entarch in outsourcing
  • tonyrestell: “Lights! Music! Action!”: what are the similarities between #consulting and Hollywood/film industries? http://bit.ly/duYPES <important insights/trends for #entarch #bizarch etc
  • tetradian: [post] ‘Uniqueness and serendipity in enterprise-architecture’ http://bit.ly/c255h2 #entarch #bizarch #innovation
  • (via @CreatvEmergence) ‘Business Models versus Strategy Pt 2’ http://bit.ly/byvShd <author has good points on strategy – “if you need to think about business models, you don’t have a strategy in the first place” – but odd putdown of #bmgen? – may be missing the point of what #bmgen does? #bizarch
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @TweetRightBrain: Blogging Innovation » 12 Ways to Recognize an Innovative Corporation http://bit.ly/aYX6Ck #entarch
  • blomr: RT @Gartner_inc: Gartner EA #Hype Cycle Reveals Two Generations of #EA: article: http://bit.ly/a1j1zH graphic on Slideshare: http://tinyurl.com/2at6wrw <Sally Bean (@Cybersal) asks whether the HypeCycle is a good fit for EA assessment: I think she’s right to question it
  • Cybersal: Gartner EA Hype Cycle http://bit.ly/9BBCJJ ; Seeing a lot of tweets on this but not convinced EA fits the hype cycle concept very well // Of course, I’ve not had the benefit of reading their report, so I could be wrong.
  • davidcushman: Oh dear. Ikea’s trust in the customer turns out to be a lie. http://j.mp/c0mZnj <real first-hand example of how to turn a client into an anti-client… #bizarch #customerservice
  • SAlhir: Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action – The golden circle (Why, How, What) http://bit.ly/a9sZdE(via @jayaho)
  • CAEAP: U.S. GAO – Organizational Transformation: A Framework for EA Management http://bit.ly/a1SZCr #entarch (93pg PDF report)
  • SAlhir: RT @socialsyntax Trends in Living Networks -Future of Workplace Communications -Live notes from Future Forum webcast http://bit.ly/a3aLED <v.useful summary from @rossdawson – note especially the implications on ‘intellectual property’ etc: “the workplace has not changed, but workers and work have changed; alumni connections are critical”
  • SAlhir: RT @jorgebarba Report: Is Human Capital the New Venture Capital? via @FastCompany http://icio.us/3bbhqh <oddly, Fast Company’s answer is ‘No’… hmm…

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management, business story-telling, creativity and in-person collaboration:

  • DavidGurteen: Charles Jennings: Why focus on informal and social learning http://bit.ly/dykUlN <strong recommend #km
  • unorder: Be part of the Clarity Rules movement http://bit.ly/cvUcZm @clarityrules <hm… I’ll have to admit clarity is still one of my weak points… 🙁
  • oscarberg: RT @presentationzen: 10 non-PowerPoint books that can help you create better presentations http://snipurl.com/103k7f
  • CreatvEmergence: Great Pixar talk on creative collaboration (& using improv principles): http://tinyurl.com/4yuoex via @ucka1 @SirKenRobinson
  • DavidGurteen: Big Tech Problem as Mainframes Outlast Workforce http://bit.ly/dpPmHo #km <great example of skills-problems and knowledge-transfer
  • oscarberg: I get more inspired (to work) when at the gym, at a café or when I’m out walking than when I’m at the office. How about you? // Fact is, I’ve “designed” most of my assignments & deliverables while at the gym (outside office hours) // “At work” needs to seen as a state of mind rather than a place (for knowledge workers) // Problem is management can’t tell knowledge work from factory work – it’s easier to treat every worker the same way // The only thing that will suffer when letting knowledge workers out of the factories is mediocracy (it will stay in the factories)
  • CreatvEmergence: Creativity’s the yes-and dance of weaving parts into a whole; not the either-or battle of maintaining separation.
  • oscarberg: The Three Eras of Knowledge Management http://is.gd/e0d42 by Nancy Dixon via @hjarche #km #e20
  • hebsgaard: by @elsua: The Three Eras of Knowledge Management: Towards the Collective Knowledge of Conversations #km http://bit.ly/aGU7so <extends the Nancy Dixon post mentioned above
  • CreatvEmergence: Article: Recession doesn’t diminish improv’s place in office training – http://bit.ly/9tjfR8 (via @bizprov @DSIcomedy) <response in real-time – ‘chaotic’, not emergent as such
  • CreatvEmergence: Foundational Creativity: New Creative Output Emerges from New Foundations (on my blog) – http://shar.es/01ZQI <a book to watch for when it’s finished
  • CreatvEmergence: Improv and Appreciative Inquiry: article by @21stCenturyAI http://bit.ly/dh4Hkv <practical step-by-step guide
  • CreatvEmergence: Stanford videos on Creativity & Innovation (& more) http://bit.ly/ct72ra via @RevezNexus @mberzosa @ideas4all @ducttape
  • CreatvEmergence: HBR: Misfit Entrepreneurs – creativity, aliveness and vulnerability http://bit.ly/bXSpUT <traits needed in practical innovation – the ‘business anarchist’ theme again
  • unorder: RT @rondon: RT @AStoriedCareer: A List Too Great Not to Reprint: an exuberant blog entry, The Chemistry of #Storytelling  http://bit.ly/dllFqh <it’s the story that we buy into, not the product
  • CreatvEmergence: Improvise to Innovate http://bit.ly/apch2U <business applications, with step-by-step examples – recommend
  • CreatvEmergence: Great! Improv wisdom & guidelines compiled by Jonathan Pitts – http://bit.ly/apefRU <more than 100 guidelines – definitely useful
  • getstoried: Tale of Things: #storytelling apps are growing everywhere – here’s another example – http://bit.ly/ciM3Mi <interesting mix of technology and story: QR barcode on an item points to video story/description of the item
  • CreatvEmergence: Loving working with a new relationship to time…changes everything…. // Loving being with a new relationship to time…changes everything…. // Engaging a new relationship with time…changes everything…
  • bartleeten: I’ve already told you of 125% of what I know http://j.mp/98oOdk <process of finding new opportunities is “a journey that IT & business need to take together” – another great piece by Peter Evans Greenwood
  • CreatvEmergence: Creative thinking & social good – article – http://bit.ly/bNfVdh <is perhaps more about the nature of ‘the box’ that we’re in before we can get to ‘thinking out of the box’ – but useful, anyway

Social-media, ‘enterprise 2.0’, user-experience and online-collaboration:

  • jdevoo: RT @henryjenkins: Medium Specificity — A Syllabus http://bit.ly/d9fyPb #storytelling <i.e. specificity of media #transmedia
  • oscarberg: RT @bhc3: Collaborative Culture, or the Real Enterprise 2.0 http://bit.ly/aZRbwW by @deb_lavoy #e20 > Great, agree 100%! <“real #e20 is ‘a rethinking of the structure, process, culture & even, in some cases, the very purpose of the enterprise’ “
  • craighepburn: RT @deb_lavoy: bingo RT @bhc3: New post: How Much of a Relationship Do Your Customers Actually Want? http://wp.me/pbOIs-1HW #scrm #e20 #bizarch #entarch
  • hebsgaard: Enterprise Collaboration: It’s About the Culture, Stupid http://bit.ly/d5GuDH <from #e20 to #entarch to #culture and more
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @VenessaMiemis – new post – Conceptual Framework for Online Identity Roles – http://bit.ly/9OBkX7 #e20 #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @wimrampen The Absence of Noise http://bit.ly/9AFjbI <Mitch Liberman on intentionally listening to what customers and website-visitors do not actually say
  • oscarberg: Social media would be easier to introduce in organizations if it was called “collaborative media” <good point… #e20 #scrm
  • hebsgaard: Software is business by nature, information social by purpose #e20 #gov20 http://bit.ly/bsq8Nf <another insightful post from @bduperrin
  • oscarberg: Every extra effort [in an app] is an argument for not performing a task // Every click in an app is a decision point: proceed or not proceed? // All enterprise app vendors should learn from Amazon.com’s one-click-shopping // Do I need to say that I made those reflections as I was using an enterprise app? // A web app that requires login but has no password reminder – is that really a web app? #fail

IT-architecture, systems-development and other IT-related themes:

  • bartleeten: RT @PeterKretzman: RT @randybias “‘Technical debt’ is used two ways in the analysis of software systems.” http://j.mp/brkgYC PK: must-read #cio #itarch #entarch
  • bartleeten: McKinsey: Clouds, big data, and smart assets: Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch http://bit.ly/drcrsF [useful, but article requires free registration]
  • michelbenard: RT @ArchiTool Archi version 1.1 is now available at http://bit.ly/cdUd5Z <free/opensource Archimate toolset Win/Mac/Linux
  • CreatvEmergence: Connecting Brains to the Outside World – NYT article – http://nyti.ms/aWSHm9 (via @TheSocialBrain) <early-stage example of thought-driven controls for the disabled

Society, culture and corporate social responsibility:

  • DavidGurteen: British Industrial Revolution was dependent on child slavery. http://bit.ly/blLcTZ via @snowded #KM #socialgood #society #culture #economics #csr
  • SAlhir: RT @technoshaman: RT @sheriherndon: Earth #Commons Rising:  http://bit.ly/cgp0ST (via @technoshaman) <‘beyond state capitalism’
  • tonyrestell: “People expect to buy my expertise with a cup of coffee” – interesting take on dealing with this #consulting headache http://bit.ly/a6yqSd <this has long been a real problem for me too – in some cases even asking me to pay them for the ‘privilege’ of solving their business-problems…
  • SAlhir: The Human Element (video) http://youtu.be/i3byt7xMSCA <nicely put… (actually from Dow Chemical, but a subtle example of a non-advert appropriate to its business-context)
  • ironick: NY Times Op/Ed: more patents cause more jobs? patently absurd http://nyti.ms/94kwKj <might make sense if ‘intellectual property made any sense at all, but it doesn’t…
  • joemckendrick: RT @kellytamon Unemployment report missing a surge in freelance jobs?:  http://bit.ly/ceTuCr <Exactly — this is where new econ will boom <is this evidence of the advance of Seth Godin’s ‘linchpins’?

And, of course, the mysterious miscellany:

  • ironick: top five regrets of the dying (ie those in palliative care) via @HarvardBiz http://bit.ly/9Q8t5c . I think they’re all related.
  • SAlhir: RT @jhagel: The edge between mathematics and art can be a place of great beauty http://bit.ly/bK8v1I
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @tedtalks: Today’s #TEDTalks playlist: Living, breathing architecture, using organic forms and living materials http://wp.me/p10512-bL2 #TED <great playlist of TED talks on architecture
  • tebbo: With grateful thanks to Twitter and @bensummers I’ve explained how to create whizzy interactive infographics here: http://bit.ly/bbriUW <useful hint on combined CSS/HTML for interactive infographics
  • rtolido: “Kindly do not attempt to cloud the issue with facts” (George Banks, Mary Poppins)
  • bartleeten: RT @Werner: Red Eye – A visual diary documenting a flight New York-Berlin by Christoph Niemann, http://nyti.ms/bEiY8O << familiar, no? <too familiar, probably… painfully accurate!
  • Cybersal: Friday fun: Great video, unless you are planning your holiday on a certain Irish low-cost airline http://bit.ly/aoKYaf <reminds me of of the dark irony and humour of Flanders & Swann at their best 🙂
  • tebbo: RT @John_Hegarty: Writers are concerned with what they put into their writings. Copywriters must be concerned with what the reader gets out of it.
  • SAlhir: RT @simple_truths: Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. -Philip K. Dick #quote <another useful reminder that’s worth requoting…
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