Slidedeck: What is effectiveness?

Another slidedeck that I should have uploaded to Slideshare ages ago: a quick (8-slide) answer to the question  ‘What is effectiveness?‘.

Understanding overall effectiveness is a core concern for enterprise-architectures, and for all of its subsidiary domain-architectures within the enterprise. The key idea here is that there are five distinct dimensions to effectiveness:

  • efficient: makes the best use of available resources
  • reliable: can be relied upon to deliver the required service
  • elegant: supports simplicity, clarity and other human factors
  • appropriate: is ‘on purpose’
  • integrated: links everything together across the whole context

Businesses tend to focus obsessively on efficiency, almost to the exclusion of everything else; but we won’t achieve effectiveness overall unless we rotate our attention continuously across all of those dimensions, in a consistent and balanced way.

Here it is, anyway: another one to Share and Enjoy?

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