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OpenGroup TweetJam on healthcare-information

How can we improve healthcare-information, and the information-flow around the healthcare context? And what part can enterprise-architecture play in helping that to happen? The Open Group ran a one-hour ‘TweetJam‘ on this yesterday on Twitter, keyed on the ‘#ogChat‘ hashtag.

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Enterprise-architect – applied-scientist, or alchemist?

Is enterprise-architecture more akin to alchemy than applied-science? And if so – and to what extent as so – what would this imply to how we study, discuss, teach, learn and apply enterprise-architectures in real-world practice? Kinda suggests perhaps, that

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Embracing our inner weirdness

Easter. In the Christian calendar at least – and in the pagan one that preceded it – it’s supposed to be a time of rebirth. Yet rebirth of what? And into what, or whom? If it’s a more personal form

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An enterprise-architects’ mantra

Quick, brief and practical – three phrases that every enterprise-architecture should know by heart, and act on, too: “I don’t know… (but I know how to find out, or find someone who does)” “It depends… (and I know how to

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The dilution of enterprise-architecture

“What concerns me is the dilution of what EA means to the point it has no meaning.” That’s what he said. But is this a real concern that we should be worried about in enterprise-architecture? Or a red-herring that arises

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“Which EA school do you belong to?”

Over on the LinkedIn Chronicles, we might say, there’s been a long-running thread in which one of the more provocative of ‘the usual suspects’ asserted two things that “are not enterprise-architecture”, and five things that enterprise-architecture “always is” – all

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Republishing my other backlist

Yeah, it’s been a while. And that’s the point, really: when you get to my, uh, advanced age, you kinda find there’s quite a bit of legacy piling up behind you… some of which is worth revisiting from time to time.

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How do you think?

How do I think? How do I think, really? How do you think, exactly? How does anyone think – and describe their thinking? Especially about ‘big-picture’, often-abstract themes such as enterprise-architecture? Yeah, I’ve been struggling with this one a long time – a very

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Playing ‘pass the grenade’?

Are you playing ‘pass the grenade’ with your business? Is your entire industry doing it? And if so, what can you do to defuse the metaphoric grenade? What’s the ‘grenade’? Well, it’s kinda like a hot-potato – except that you’ll

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“The history of enterprise architecture proves…”

When a discipline such as enterprise-architecture is changing all the time, just how useful is it to hark back to its history? The start-point for this one was that, in one of those interminable threads on LinkedIn, several of the

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