A major part of my work revolves around writing – particularly in book form, but also for articles and public presentations.

Although I do work with other publishers, I also set up my own imprint – Tetradian Books – to publish and distribute books that I and my co-authors have written on enterprise-architecture, alternate realities, social challenges and other themes. You can download complete or sample-preview e-books and supporting material for free from the download section of the website. Print-editions are available from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, online-retailers and your local friendly independent bookstore. Ebook-editions will be available soon from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Apple and other ebook-retailers.

Most of my presentations from conferences and the like are available for free download from

Please contact me at tom [at] tomgraves [dot] org or tom [at] tetradian [dot] com to discuss availability for speaking and presenting at your conference or other event.