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My old stomping-ground – dowsing, feng shui, earth-mysteries etc

Republishing my other backlist

Yeah, it’s been a while. And that’s the point, really: when you get to my, uh, advanced age, you kinda find there’s quite a bit of legacy piling up behind you… some of which is worth revisiting from time to time.

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Innovation in unexpected places

Spent part of last weekend at the annual conference of the British Society of Dowsers – the folks who do water-divining (‘water-witching’ in the US) and similar skills. I’ve worked with them at various times over the past thirty or

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Fare thee well John Michell

It’s both saddening and sobering to reach the age where close friends and colleagues start appearing in the Obituary columns in the national newspapers… A couple of years ago it was Mike Mepham, who worked with me for some years

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Metageum conference

A few days ago I had a last-minute request to present at the Metageum conference in London this weekend. (Don’t quite know how to categorise Metageum: kind of an earth-mysteries focus – Stonehenge and that sort of stuff, if you

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'Disciplines' reference-sheet

Prepared a handout on The Disciplines of Dowsing for the book-launch at the British Society of Dowsers conference this weekend, and realised it would probably be of more general use as well. You’ll find it up on the Tetradian Books

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'Disciplines of Dowsing' is published

Another new book completed. 🙂 Disciplines of Dowsing went off to press this afternoon – hooray! The usual info-piece and book-blurb are already up on the Tetradian Books website; likewise the PDF e-book, which is now available for free download

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'Pendulum' and 'Workbook' back in print

Yup, they’re back already from the printers (thank you Lightning Source for a service much quicker than your listed ’10 business days’!) – Elements of Pendulum Dowsing and The Dowser’s Workbook are now officially back in print. 🙂 Links on

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Dowsing books up on book-site

I’ve now put up PDF e-books of two upcoming reprints on the Tetradian Books website: E-book for Elements of Pendulum Dowsing E-book for The Dowser’s Workbook Share and enjoy? 🙂 (Physical books should be available by the second week of

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'Dowser's Workbook' coming back in print

This is the current draft for the cover of the new edition of my 1989 book The Dowser’s Workbook (also known as Discover Dowsing). The aim is that it’ll come out, together with Pendulum Dowsing, as the first in my

'Elements of Pendulum Dowsing' coming back in print

This is the current draft for the cover of the new edition of my 1989 book Elements of Pendulum Dowsing, to go out as the first in my new ‘Tetradian Alternate Realities’ series. Editing and layout and the like are