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Needles of Stone available again

Graeme Talboys at Grey House In The Woods tells me that his new ’30th Anniversary Edition’ of Needles of Stone has just gone off to press. The new edition has two new chapters: Looking back – a chapter-by-chapter review of

New for old?

Since I’m setting up a print-on-demand publishing operation for the enterprise-architecture books anyway, it seems to make sense to bring some of my other former titles out of retirement, in particular: Pendulum Dowsing (aka ‘Elements of Pendulum Dowsing) – originally

Common Ground's Rules for Local Distinctiveness

Whilst doing the usual web-trawls for a correspondent, was delighted to discover that Common Ground have put their classic Rules for Local Distinctiveness up as a specific page on their website, as well as the poster which can be ordered

Callanish – cover for 'Needles'

Callanish, by Liz Poraj-Wilczynska – oil on canvas, 35.5cm x 25.5cm.

More on Needles

Now completed the first drafts of both the two new chapters for the new edition of Needles of Stone, and selected the cover-art – a painting of Callanish by archaeological-illustrator / artist Liz Poraj-Wilczynska. More later on this an other

Dowsers' delight?

A fun weekend at the British Society of Dowsers‘ conference. About 150 people there. I ran two workshops (on my use of the traditional Cretan-style labyrinth as a metaphor of the skills-learning process) and did a keynote presentation (on the

The perils of pendulums?

Off to the British Society of Dowsers annual conference this weekend – looking forward to meeting up with Paul Devereux and other long-time friends and colleagues from (yikes!) twenty to thirty or more years ago. The BSD have perhaps foolishly

Common Ground and local distinctiveness

Returning to England, I’m delighted to see Common Ground have been at it again: this time a magnificent new tome, “England In Particular: a celebration of the commonplace, the local, the vernacular and the distinctive”, Sue Clifford, Angela King and