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More on not-retiring

This one’s a follow-up on my previous post, from a month ago now, ‘On not retiring‘. What I said back there was that, yeah, fairly obviously, people like me (and you too, I presume) don’t ever really retire – we

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RBPEA: Opportunities unheeded…

Following on from that description of ‘further-futures’ enterprise-architecture, several folks have asked me for a real example of the kind of world that I see, as an outcome of ‘Really-Big-Picture Enterprise-Architecture‘ [RBPEA]. In other words, what would be the outcome

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On not retiring

Kind of a personal landmark, I guess: today I reach so-called ‘retirement-age’, where I’m supposedly meant to kick back, relax and walk away from all of the stresses of a lifetime of work. Hmm… no chance of that happening, is

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Exact Lives Save Change

Exact Lives Save Change. Or it might have been Exact Change Saves Lives. Something like that, anyway. Yeah, it was definitely one of those nights – y’know, such as, in this case, I might have gotten to sleep for a few

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When I’m Sixty-Four

I opened the Chrome browser for a new web-search yesterday, and this is what popped up: Google have my date-of-birth, of course, linked to my GMail account. At which point I finally remembered, “Oh, yeah, it is my birthday, isn’t

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I’d often wondered why I always seem to have such a visceral response to hearing a woman say “I don’t work, I’m only a mother”. What do you mean by “only”? – why would anyone deride it so? And what do

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Two words

There we were, my colleague and I, discussing the possible merits and value for me of going to yet another conference. This time business-architecture rather than ‘enterprise’-architecture, and reasonably-priced too – unlike so many conferences these days. Looked good. Yet

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On (not) changing the world

Back on the ‘no more arguments‘ theme, there were a couple of responses I received that, although nominally private, were so apposite and to-the-point that I really do need to reprise them here. (Because the messages were private, I’ll paraphrase them

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Pre-emptive defence

I’m about to embark on a shift in direction or emphasis, to much more of what I’ve previously described as Really-Big-Picture Enterprise-Architecture (RBPEA), applying enterprise-architecture/systems-thinking principles and practices to concerns at much larger scopes and scales – all the way

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On ‘Why Smart People Get Depressed’

Why do smart people get depressed? And what can we do about it? That was the theme, and title, for a brilliant recent article by Henrik Mårtensson (@Kallokain). In the subsequent Twitter-conversation, Henrik asked us for our opinions and experiences

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