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General notes on being an Outsider in many different ways


I’d often wondered why I always seem to have such a visceral response to hearing a woman say “I don’t work, I’m only a mother”. What do you mean by “only”? – why would anyone deride it so? And what do

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Two words

There we were, my colleague and I, discussing the possible merits and value for me of going to yet another conference. This time business-architecture rather than ‘enterprise’-architecture, and reasonably-priced too – unlike so many conferences these days. Looked good. Yet

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On (not) changing the world

Back on the ‘no more arguments‘ theme, there were a couple of responses I received that, although nominally private, were so apposite and to-the-point that I really do need to reprise them here. (Because the messages were private, I’ll paraphrase them

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Pre-emptive defence

I’m about to embark on a shift in direction or emphasis, to much more of what I’ve previously described as Really-Big-Picture Enterprise-Architecture (RBPEA), applying enterprise-architecture/systems-thinking principles and practices to concerns at much larger scopes and scales – all the way

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On ‘Why Smart People Get Depressed’

Why do smart people get depressed? And what can we do about it? That was the theme, and title, for a brilliant recent article by Henrik Mårtensson (@Kallokain). In the subsequent Twitter-conversation, Henrik asked us for our opinions and experiences

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Let it go

Let it go? Actually, I can’t. Or won’t. Or don’t know how. Or maybe it won’t let me go… Something, anyway… Right now I’m in the somewhat embarrassing position of being hooked on a Disney movie. Or, to be precise, one

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Embracing our inner weirdness

Easter. In the Christian calendar at least – and in the pagan one that preceded it – it’s supposed to be a time of rebirth. Yet rebirth of what? And into what, or whom? If it’s a more personal form

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Getting beyond ‘Just Do It’

Sometimes I really do despair of the ‘Just Do It’ crowd… In a previous post, I described the practical challenges faced by anyone starting out on something new, and used a few personal examples in my own work to illustrate this.

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Podcasts and videocasts – any requests?

Just a quick question – or request for priorities, perhaps. I’m at last getting my act together on doing podcasts and videocasts around my existing and future materials. The podcasts will probably be two to five minutes long, on any appropriate

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I’m sorry, but I just can’t afford it

Pray let me introduce you to a bleak, blunt fact of the futurist’s working-life: …where futurists work ain’t where the money is. In this so-called ‘economy’, where money drives everything and short-termism rules the roost, there’s almost no way to

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