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On funds received

Just a brief note that’s specific to a small number of readers here – those that have been kind enough to send in donations via the ‘Donate with PayPal’ button to the right (or further below, if you’re using a

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The long and the short

Yeah, there’ve been complaints. — “Write simpler! 🙂 “, says one. — “You write so looong!”, says another. — “I have a problem with your blog-posts”, says yet another. “I know I’ll be required to think hard if I read

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Two goodbyes

The tall guy in the black hooded cloak with a scythe and a penchant for SPEAKING IN CAPITAL LETTERS came calling for two people I knew in the last two days. Two goodbyes… The first was, I’ll admit, very much

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Why I write long posts

In case you hadn’t noticed, yes, I do tend to write long posts. Sorry… There are folks around who are real masters of succinct writing. Seth Godin, for example. And I’ll have to admit I’m not good at writing succinct summaries.

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Moving house, redecorating…

Yes, a very different look to this website: I’ve moved. (Well, in virtual-terms, anyway). I’d had long-running problems with my previous hosting-provider, and was running out of space there anyway, so it was time to move to something with a

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That volcano’s gettin’ kinda busy…

That’s the view from my verandah here in Antigua Guatemala this morning: Volcan de Fuego has been kinda busy of late. (Click on the picture for a larger-size view.) To give an idea of scale, that’s on a 4x zoom

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Happy Whatever!

‘Tis the season for… something, probably? 🙂 For many people, it’s ‘the ‘Holiday Season’, or Christmas, or New Year, or something like that. A calendrical marker-point, anyway. Something to celebrate, perhaps. The culture I come from is nominally Christian, hence

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Cross-reference to related posts

This is a follow-on to the earlier post ‘Helping others make sense of my work’. One of the various suggestions that came up from that – many thanks, folks! – was for better cross-reference between posts. I’ve now added a

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A week in Tweets: 02-08 October 2011

Another week’s worth of Tweets and links, for once almost on time. Usual categories, of course, with a few extra bits and pieces as usual. Over to you?

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A week in Tweets: 18-24 September 2011

It’s back again, by popular (lack of?) demand: another week’s collection of Tweets and links. All the usual categories, confusions and all-too-necessary break before we start:

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