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Next-generation toolsets for enterprise-architecture?

One of the most essential tasks in enterprise-architecture is that of enabling conversations on architectural issues, with any groups of stakeholders, anywhere across the enterprise. Our toolsets play an important role in those conversations. The right tool used in the

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TOGAF Rome conference in Tweets

This is a fairly full collection of tweets over the past few days from the Open Group enterprise-architecture conference over the past few days – more detail on the conference-programme here. It lists most items posted under the #ogrome hashtag:

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Using TOGAF beyond IT

Still in post-conference catch-up mode. In the meantime, here’s the slidedeck for “Using TOGAF beyond IT”, my presentation to the Open Group conference in Hong Kong. Download the file and view in Powerpoint’s ‘Notes View’ to see the full script.

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TOGAF-conference Twitter-stream

Thought it might be useful to various folks (including me!) to post the Twitter-stream from the TOGAF conference (Open Group Enterprise Architecture Practitioners’ Conference, Hong Kong) earlier this week. For readability I’ve reversed the order so that the tweets are

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Post-conference catch-up

Just back from the TOGAF conference in Hong Kong, hence going through the usual joys of jet-lag and dealing-with-the-backlog. 🙁 🙂 Quick summary: seems to have been very worthwhile. More evidence of the shift towards the realisation that enterprise-architecture is

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TOGAF for Feds

This one starts with a blog-post by John Polgreen, of training-group Architecting the Enterprise, called “TOGAF for Feds – Isn’t TOGAF too IT-centric for Fed EA?”. The key issue that of scope: TOGAF is often associated with IT architecture, as

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Reference-sheets on Slideshare

Realised that the free-download reference-sheets from the Tetradian Enterprise Architecture books would be useful to have up on Slideshare as well, so have uploaded them there for more general accessibility than solely from the Tetradian Books website. “A framework for

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More on TOGAF and certification

Yikes! Talk about misinterpreted in a sound-bite… 🙁 (Before I go any further, a note to all in the TOGAF training/education community: from what you’ve read elsewhere, you may at present believe that I’ve been attacking you personally. As you’ll

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"Doing Enterprise Architecture" now available on Amazon

Delighted to say that Lightning Source have done it again with my new book Doing Enterprise Architecture: a one-week turn-round from sending in the PDF source-files to delivery of the first fifty copies on my doorstep. Very impressive. And the

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TOGAF London

Just had confirmation from the Open Group that they’ve accepted my proposed presentation for the TOGAF London enterprise architecture conference at the end of April. Working title is Stepping-Stones of Enterprise Architecture, with the following abstract: TOGAF 9 includes a

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