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Fail, to learn

“Ya gotta fail fast”, he said, striding back and forth with intense energy, from up in front of the podium. “If ya gonna be Agile, ya gotta learn ta fail fast“. But… I do that all the time already, don’t

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Architecting the enterprise backbone

Software-architect extraordinaire Simon Brown kindly pointed me to the InfoQ article ‘Agile and Architecture Conflict‘, which summarised the views of various folks on the ‘agile vs architecture’ debate, including myself, Simon and another of my regular co-creators (co-conspirators? 🙂 ),

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Agility needs a backbone

Something that’s been concerning me quite a bit over the past year or so in enterprise-architecture has been the over-obsession with agility: agility for its own sake, perhaps, without much thought behind it, much thought about why or how we

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This one’s another follow-up to another new comment to a rather old post – namely Manish Joshi’s comment today to the post on ‘Zachman and TOGAF revisited‘ from back in August last year: My focus is on extending TOGAF to

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