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Downer again – and some deeper doubts

One of the professional hazards of working in the futures space is that, by definition, many if not most of the themes I’m working on are five, ten, fifty or more years into the future. Without people like me doing

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Better write something here, if only to counter the mood of the previous post. That ‘downer’ was real, and still is, to some extent. A few friends and colleagues expressed concern; some were kind enough to offer advice (for which

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Anarchist again

Still recovering from the TOGAF conference – about which I need to do a blog-report later, ‘cos some major shifts there – and still ridiculously tired from the way-too-early-start, way-too-late-finish days of the conference itself. But a key point came

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The natural anarchist

For a while now I’ve been describing myself as a ‘business anarchist‘, in part because a sizeable aspect of my work is ‘creative destruction’ of business assumptions and the like, for the purpose of clarifying the direction in which the

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And more business-anarchist

More ramblings on the ‘business anarchist’ theme. The conventional ‘scientific’ assumptions about business reality – as in Taylor’s classic ‘Scientific Management‘ – assume that everything is based on predictable Newtonian-style rules and laws. It’s sort-of true, up to a point,

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Business anarchist, again

I’ve been thinking quite a bit more about the ‘business anarchist‘ idea, following a couple of great conversations yesterday with Bas van Gils in the Netherlands and Stuart Curley in London. Hence a few more notes: Every business-consultant is, in

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The business anarchist

For some while now I’ve been using the term ‘business anarchist‘ to describe what I do in the business-architecture context – and yes, it is a sort-of joke, of course, but there’s also something very real behind it. Real anarchy

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And more on Cynefin

Another trail following up on Dave Snowden‘s comment to my previous Cynefin post, and specifically to this one assertion of Dave’s: Order exists in the real world. Sounds obvious: but does it? Does ‘order’ really exist? Or do we simply

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