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What is enterprise? What is architecture?

What the heck is ‘enterprise-architecture’? Why are there are so many arguments on this, so many conflicting opinions? Perhaps a key clue is in the fact that there is so much argument about this? And that maybe the best way to

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Architecture is simple

What is architecture? What do we do in architecture? And how do we do it? Turns out that it’s essentially the same for every kind of architecture: enterprise-architecture, solutions-architecture, software-architecture, building-architecture, naval-architecture, brand-architecture, whatever. Right down at the root, in principle, architecture is incredibly simple. It all

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Architecture, structure and story

What does architecture actually do? What makes it different from anything else that people do? (There’s no particular start-point to this one: it’s probably a mixture of several of those interminable LinkedIn conversations, but likely a bunch of other stuff as

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Two points of view on (enterprise) architecture

Was showing a colleague one of my favourite small books yesterday: Matthew Frederick’s 101 Things I Learned In Architecture School. Briefly flicking through the two-page spreads, one caught my eye. Seems so apposite to enterprise-architecture and the like that it’s

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Architecting the enterprise backbone

Software-architect extraordinaire Simon Brown kindly pointed me to the InfoQ article ‘Agile and Architecture Conflict‘, which summarised the views of various folks on the ‘agile vs architecture’ debate, including myself, Simon and another of my regular co-creators (co-conspirators? 🙂 ),

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Notes on architecture versus design

Several people, including Nigel Green, Doug Newdick and Kris Meukens, picked up on my comments about architecture versus design in my earlier post ‘Great conversations on enterprise-architecture‘. Nigel kindly wrote a follow-up post on his Posterous blog, and Kris pointed to an

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'Ba', Cynefin, place and architecture

Just been reading (via Tweet by Bill Ives) a post by Anne Marie McEwan on ‘Loosening the Taylorist Stranglehold on the Workplace‘. Within a much larger context in a very good article, this one brief section caught my attention: The

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