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CRUD, CRUDE and other action-acronyms

Anyone working with data would be familiar with the CRUD acronym – Create, Read, Update, Delete – that describe ‘atomic’-level actions on data. But how well does it work with other asset-types – not just data and other virtual items,

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Assets and services

What is a service? And what do services do? Seems like it’s time to re-explore some of the routine questions that come up almost every day in a service-oriented enterprise-architecture… not least because these questions are right at the core of

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Data-assets and insurance

Following along the ‘Assets and enterprise architecture‘ theme, one of the questions that came up in the matching thread on LinkedIn was from Mike Stewart, which in effect illustrates well some of the distinctions about physical assets versus data-assets. His

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More on assets and enterprise architecture

Another cross-post from the discussions on LinkedIn. Over there, Pat Ferdinandi has been throwing me some really valuable challenges around this whole issue of assets in enterprise architecture – for example: hmmm…service is not an asset? That made my mind

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