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Mass-customisation, mass-uniqueness and big-data

What’s the difference between mass-customisation and mass-uniqueness? And how much of data – or, these days, big-data – do we need in order to be able to support a mass-uniqueness business-model? I’ve long been interested in the challenges of business-models

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Big-data, big-information, big-knowledge

For all the hype around big-data at present, is that all that we really need? I have my doubts… Let’s take the classic ‘DIKW stack’: data, information, knowledge, wisdom. And then realise that it’s not a stack – it’s more like a

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Open Group TweetJam on ‘Platform 3.0’

A quick ‘public-service’ blog-post to document a possibly-useful conversation for enterprise-architects and others. Yesterday (6 June 2013) The Open Group ran a ‘tweet-jam‘ online-conversation, to: examine how convergent technologies such as Big Data, Social, Mobile and The Internet of Things are

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