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MQ-7: Sugar And Spice ('Mythquake' series)

Another chapter from the Mythquake book-project. In the previous chapter, ‘MQ-6: The meaning of life‘, we explored major mythquakes that arise from collisions between ways of thinking – particularly science and religion, as ‘social constructions of reality’ that provide definitions of

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MQ-6: The Meaning Of Life ('Mythquake' series)

More on the Mythquake book-project – an unfinished book-project that I accept I now need to hand over to someone else, or at least make the ideas more generally available in some form. In the previous chapter, ‘MQ-5: Money makes the

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MQ-5: Money Makes The World Go Round? ('Mythquake' series)

More on the Mythquake book-project – a book I’ll probably never have time to finish, so here I’m handing it over to whoever might like to take it up. In the previous chapter, ‘MQ-4: Whoever you voted for…‘, we moved into

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MQ-4: Whoever You Voted For… ('Mythquake' series)

More on the Mythquake book-project. As mentioned in previous posts, this is a book that I’ve been trying to write for more than ten years, but it’s time to accept it ain’t gonna happen – not from me, anyway. So I’m

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MQ-3: I Am What I Do ('Mythquake' series)

More on the Mythquake book-project. This is a book that I’ve been brewing for perhaps a decade, but accept that I will probably never have time to write, so I’m placing these ideas up in the blogosphere in the hope that

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MQ-2: The Centre Of The Universe ('Mythquake' series)

More on the Mythquake book-project. The previous chapter, ‘MQ-1: Everyday Upsets‘, introduced the basic idea of mythquakes as a mismatch between our expectations and the actual reality. Here we start to explore what happens when we say that it’s reality, and

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MQ-1: Everyday Upsets ('Mythquake' series)

More on the Mythquake book-project. This and the next few posts in this series will work their way up the scale of mythquake severity, from MQ-1 (trivial everyday stuff) to MQ-9 (total destruction). My last attempt to get restarted on

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Mythquake (an Introduction to an unfinished book)

Mythquake is a book I’ve been trying to write for well over a decade, and I guess it’s time I accepted that I probably never will: I’ve kinda moved on from there onto other things, and my heart just isn’t

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'Wombat & Cockie' script published

I’ve now published the annotated version of my film-script ‘Wombat & Cockie‘ in book-form – see the Tetradian Books website here for the book-info, and here for the free-download PDF e-book. Set in the drug-gangs culture of present-day Melbourne, it’s

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'Power and Response-ability' book

Yup, I’ve been at it again – getting more of my previous material from the past few years out into printed-book form. This one’s Power and Response-ability: the human side of systems – click the link or the graphic for

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