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The role and rise of the business-anarchist

You may have noticed some new role-titles turning up in the enterprise space. Chief Disruption Officer, for example. Or Chief Transformation Officer. A fair few variants on that theme. But what you probably won’t see – not as yet, anyway

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Enterprise architect as business-anarchist

I seem to have acquired the half-joking job-title of ‘business-anarchist’. Huh? Anarchist? You mean like those crazy bomb-throwing guys from the past? Uh, no… – not quite… Quite a long way from ‘”not quite”, actually. You did notice that word ‘business’,

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Big-consultancies and bridging the chasm

Like all small independents in just about any industry, my relationship with ‘the big boys’ is ambivalent at best. All those big analyst-consultancies like Forrester or Gartner, the ratings-agencies like Moody’s or S&P, the big IT- or process-consultancies like IBM

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Luddite, and proud

I’m an enterprise-architect, deeply engaged in every aspect of technology and more. Which means that at times, yes, I’m also an active Luddite – and proud of it, too. Luddites? Aren’t they those crazy technophobes who go around smashing machines because they’re

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Exact Lives Save Change

Exact Lives Save Change. Or it might have been Exact Change Saves Lives. Something like that, anyway. Yeah, it was definitely one of those nights – y’know, such as, in this case, I might have gotten to sleep for a few

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Services and disservices – 6: Assessment and actions

Services serve the needs of someone. Disservices purport to serve the needs of someone, but don’t – they either don’t work at all, or they serve someone else’s needs. Or desires. Or something of that kind, anyway. And therein lie a huge range of

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Analyst, anarchist, architect

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis: the old Hegelian triad. But what’s that got to do with enterprise-architecture and the like? Quite a lot, as it happens – though we might need to take a detour or two to get there, of course. 🙂

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The perils of plagiarism

This one’s on the travails of being an innovative thinker who publishes on the web… Whilst writing an article on the enterprise-architecture and the Shirky Principle that I’ll post later today, I needed to add a reference to my old

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Notes on 'Business Anarchist'

Several people have asked me for more information about the book I’m writing at present, ‘The Business Anarchist‘, so here’s a quick summary of the themes and structure. Who or what is a ‘business-anarchist‘? Anyone who works with inherent uncertainty

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New weblog – 'Thinking sidewise'

Following up a recommendation from Shawn Callahan of Australian narrative-knowledge consultancy Anecdote, I’ve started a new weblog, thinking side-wise. This existing weblog has developed a more technical emphasis around enterprise architecture, together with an assortment of other personal themes, all

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