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Big-consultancies and getting it right

As with all small independents in just about any industry, my /our relationship with ‘the big boys’ in enterprise-architecture is, yeah, kinda ambivalent at best. It’s not just that they make the most noise, grabbing most of the attention and

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Big-consultancies and bridging the chasm

Like all small independents in just about any industry, my relationship with ‘the big boys’ is ambivalent at best. All those big analyst-consultancies like Forrester or Gartner, the ratings-agencies like Moody’s or S&P, the big IT- or process-consultancies like IBM

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On modelling ‘self-service’ with Archimate

In enterprise-architecture, how should you describe or model ‘self-service’ – in which the customer, rather than the organisation’s employee, uses the organisation’s systems to place an order, or search for information? The classic way of looking at this is from

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Enterprise-architecture – too WEIRD, too WIRED?

Yeah: weird again – though this time it’s about a rather different kind of weirdness than those I’ve been exploring in recent posts. The starting-point here is a recent Tweet by Sinan Si Alhir: @SAlhir: Why Americans Are the Weirdest

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The dilution of enterprise-architecture

“What concerns me is the dilution of what EA means to the point it has no meaning.” That’s what he said. But is this a real concern that we should be worried about in enterprise-architecture? Or a red-herring that arises

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“Which EA school do you belong to?”

Over on the LinkedIn Chronicles, we might say, there’s been a long-running thread in which one of the more provocative of ‘the usual suspects’ asserted two things that “are not enterprise-architecture”, and five things that enterprise-architecture “always is” – all

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EA toolsets – time to get on the cluetrain?

It was an interesting little insight – one of those things that just seem to arise spontaneously sometimes, out of the aether, at the right kind of conference. The first part was a panel-session: five different vendors, each with their

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On layers in enterprise-architecture

How many layers are there in an enterprise-architecture? If we read any of the standard texts, you’ll see there are several popular answers. For example, Archimate says there are three: Business, Application and Technology. TOGAF says there are four: Business, Data,

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And more on EA certification…

What is the profession of enterprise-architecture? And what should we do about certification, to define and protect that profession? Yeah, it’s much the same questions as before – but perhaps becoming a bit more urgent as the thrust from Open Group

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The stench of systemic decay

It was the smell that caught my attention first, I guess – the smell of chemicals as I walked through through the front door of their supposedly upmarket offices. But it’s something I’ve come to recognise, to watch for, as

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