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Two enterprise-architectures

What is enterprise-architecture? That’s, uh, one of the more awkward questions of the trade… (Quick summary: if you ask a dozen enterprise-architects, you’ll probably get at least a hundred different definitions… or just ‘It depends…’ 🙂 ) In the continuing spirit of

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The deliverables of enterprise architecture

Just what are the deliverables of whole-enterprise architecture? In part this is a follow-on to the previous post ‘Ending the shoot-out at the EA Corral‘, about finding ways to end the seemingly ceaseless battles between those enterprise-architects who focus only on

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Ending the shoot-out at the EA Corral

Anyone who’s involved in enterprise-architecture will know there’s a huge ongoing clash-of-the-mindsets between those who think it’s all about IT and that EA should belong as part of the IT-department, versus those who think it’s about a much larger picture

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Current mainstream enterprise-architecture [EA] is broken, more broken and yet more broken, and has real problems with wickedness. But what can we do about this? How can we mend EA, make it unbroken? As in those posts linked-to above, I’d

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Enterprise-architecture is wicked

How do we cope with the wickedness of enterprise-architecture? I don’t mean here the implicit wickedness of people promoting term-hijacks and other half-baked notions as ‘the truth’ of enterprise-architecture – though heaven-knows there’s enough of that wickedness around. I also

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A bit more broken

How did enterprise-architecture get to be so broken? I know I promised to move on to tactics that we can use to recover from the brokenness – and I will do so in the next post. But I must admit

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Why broken?

If the mainstream approach to enterprise-architectures is broken – and so badly broken, at that – then why is it broken? In what way is it broken? What are the core reasons behind why it’s so broken? And why ask this?

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It started with an anguished Skype-call from a colleague: “Have you seen this?”, he said. He was pretty upset about it: and after reading the post he’d pointed to, so was I. One of the major consultancies – a self-styled ‘thought-leader’

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The egg-sorting machine

One of our more frequent challenges in enterprise-architecture is to get The Usual Suspects to understand that, yes, there are indeed many other kinds of technology than just the IT – and even if whatever-it-is has a computer in it,

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Complex, complicated, and Einstein’s dice

What’s the real source of that infamous ‘business/IT divide’? And is there a way to bridge it? The answers would seem to be both complicated and complex – and might involve Einstein’s dice… At which point I probably ought to

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