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Why business-model to enterprise-architecture?

Yes, I admit it: I’ve been kinda pouring out the posts lately. Sorry… But why all this fuss about business–models and enterprise-architecture? What’s the point about the bottom-line not being the baseline to work from? If everyone’s selling something to

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Business Model Canvas to Archimate (the short version)

The previous post, ‘From business model to enterprise-architecture‘, turned out to be another of my monster essays. Sorry… 🙁 The detail’s there if you need it, but if you just want to do the translation from Business Model Canvas to

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Rethinking the layers in enterprise-architecture

Still plodding away on ideas for a systematic process to translate a business-model in Business Model Canvas down into real-world architecture and implementation. (This links up with quite a few previous posts, such as ‘More on business-models‘, ‘Enterprise-architecture – let’s

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More on business-models

Back on business-models again, this time with more of an emphasis on the implications for enterprise-architecture, rather than solely for business-architecture. The initial challenge posed by my colleague was to describe my own business model, by which he meant “how

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Using Business Model Canvas for non-profits

How do we use Alex Osterwalder‘s Business Model Canvas for the business of a not-for-profit organisation? Or, for that matter, the non-monetary aspects of a commercial organisation? Over the past while have been asked by quite a few folks – Shawn

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Who is the customer?

Who is the customer, in a business model? That’s perhaps not as simple as it sounds. I’ve been working on a long how-to post on using Business Model Canvas in a non-profit context, and realised that even in a commercial

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Business Model Canvas – a version for non-profits

A few weeks back, Shawn Callahan of Australian narrative-knowledge consultancy Anecdote asked me to help in devising a modified version of Alex Osterwalder‘s Business Model Canvas. The aim was to produce a business-model tool, suitable for one of Anecdote’s clients

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Next-generation toolsets for enterprise-architecture?

One of the most essential tasks in enterprise-architecture is that of enabling conversations on architectural issues, with any groups of stakeholders, anywhere across the enterprise. Our toolsets play an important role in those conversations. The right tool used in the

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