Another week, another collection of Tweets and links… A handful of extended conversations, and a special section on the TOGAF conference in Seattle. Beyond that it’s the usual categories that I hope you find useful, preceded by the usual ‘Read …

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The discussion on values-architecture and values in business continues happily unabated. Still seems worthwhile, and also seems useful to re-post some of it here to make it more generally available. @Tom You asked for suggestions. Keep it simple. Keep it …

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There’s been a fairly lengthy argument on the LinkedIn business-architecture list about the role and meaning of ‘value’ in business-architecture. As usual, most of the US contingent leapt off onto the red-herring of ‘shareholder-value’, which to me is almost completely …

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Oops – running late again. The week’s usual collections and categories, with a few extra discussions on specific topics – which is why it’s a fair bit longer than usual. Click on the ‘Read more…’ link, anyway.

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Architecture is non-functional. I’ll bet that statement raised the blood-pressure a few notches for some folks, yes? Defensive? Irritated? Sarcastic? “Waddayamean, non-functional, hey?” Good point, because ‘non-functional’ is not the same as ‘has no function’ – although it’s often misread …

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Another weblog item that’s been triggered by a question on Twitter, though in this case it came via a personal ‘direct message’ from Australian enterprise-architect Mike Aikins (@AussiMike): Surely there are groups focused on the art and discipline of strategic …

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Every enterprise has a story, of course – many of them, in fact. Yet there’s also a deeper story that defines the enterprise itself, what the enterprise is. It’s not just that the enterprise has a story: the enterprise is a …

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