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Governance is not an end in itself

What’s the point of governance? What is its role in enterprise-architecture, or anything else, for that matter? Is it anything more than the dreaded ‘architecture police’ – governance for governance’s sake? These questions came up for me in a passing

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Great idea! Let’s get started! Uh… How do we get started? Kind of ‘There’s a hole in my bucket‘, often – everything depends on everything else, so there’s no clear place to start. But since everything does depend on everything else, it’d

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Jakob Nielsen on real-world 'Enterprise 2.0'

After the sour taste of the McAfee farrago, it’s been a real pleasure to come across some solid fact and solid sense on ‘Enterprise 2.0’, from renowned usability expert Jakob Nielsen. (Thanks to Oscar Berg and others for the link.)

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Aliens, anarchists and analysts

A ‘tweet’ on Twitter pointed me to Colin Beveridge’s post ‘Enterprise Aliens‘, on his “Trillion Dollar Bonfire” website. (Colin estimates that over the past few decades at least a trillion dollars have been wasted worldwide on useless corporate IT –

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Frustrated, disillusioned, down

Yet another month, yet another enterprise-architecture conference that I need to go to and can’t possibly afford; and yet another month gone by without the slightest hint of any paid work. (Fully half the speakers at that conference are people

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