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A checklist for business-transformations

What’s a key tool to help manage something as wide-ranging and complex as a business-transformation? Answer: a checklist. The following checklist for business-transformations is adapted from one that we use in our own work on transformation. A matching slidedeck with

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A services-checklist for digital-transformation

Digital-transformation is most likely to succeed when it’s based on principles of service-design and service-management. The following transformation-checklist can be applied to all forms and modes of service-delivery – not just IT-based, but any appropriate combinations of people, machines and

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Two acronyms: ENDS and MEANS

A bit forced, I’ll admit, but these two acronyms may at least be useful as checklists in enterprise-architecture and beyond. First, ENDS – the reasons or drivers for doing anything: Expectation – What we expect from and in the world,

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An enterprise-architects’ mantra

Quick, brief and practical – three phrases that every enterprise-architecture should know by heart, and act on, too: “I don’t know… (but I know how to find out, or find someone who does)” “It depends… (and I know how to

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Principles and checklists

What is the role of principles in enterprise-architecture? What is a principle? For that matter, when is a principle not a principle? These were questions that came up in response to a post by Simplicable: ‘101 Principles of Enterprise-Architecture‘. Or

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