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Enterprise-architecture and the Cloud

Okay, let’s go back to something that’s perhaps a bit less controversial than the past few posts… This one starts with a ‘rant’ (as he put it) by Anders Jensen, about the ongoing hype over (gosh!) ‘the Cloud’: aojensen: As

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Agility needs a backbone

Something that’s been concerning me quite a bit over the past year or so in enterprise-architecture has been the over-obsession with agility: agility for its own sake, perhaps, without much thought behind it, much thought about why or how we

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Tweets from Open Group conference, San Diego

The following a selected subset of the Tweets and links sent out by attendees and other from the Open Group (TOGAF) conference on enterprise-architecture, IT-security and cloud-computing. Given my own interests, I’ve emphasised enterprise-architecture, but I’ve included many of the

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Up in the clouds

More cross-posts from the LinkedIn enterprise-architecture lists, this time about cloud-computing and enterprise architecture. (This one’s long, so I’ll put a ‘More’ link in here.)

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