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Collaboration and anticollaboration – a tangible metaphor

What is collaboration? Why do people collaborate? Perhaps more to the point, why don’t they collaborate? How do we end up so often with what we’d have to call¬†anticollaboration – the exact antithesis of collaboration? So I’m standing there in

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Where’s the best place for enterprise-architecture?

What’s the best kind of place to do enterprise-architecture and similar work? What are the best environments, for which parts of the work? And why? This was a fun set of questions that came up in my Twitterstream earlier this

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A call for collaboration on enterprise-architecture

Ever since I saw Alex Osterwalder’s brilliant business-architecture book Business Model Generation a few months back, it’s been obvious to me that we need something of the same clarity, simplicity and quality for the broader discipline of whole-of-enterprise architecture. We

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Big EA, Little EA and Personal EA

Listening to a podcast with Patti Anklam on the InMagic social-knowledge website – ‘Today’s collaboration imperative: a podcast with Patti Anklam‘ – reminded me of her previous posts some months back on the ‘Three KMs’, three distinct layers of knowledge-management

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Better write something here, if only to counter the mood of the previous post. That ‘downer’ was real, and still is, to some extent. A few friends and colleagues expressed concern; some were kind enough to offer advice (for which

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