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At Intersection19 conference

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a conference – eldercare-commitments have rather limited my options for longer-distance travel over the past year or two. In that sense at least, the Intersection19Ā enterprise-design conference in Lisbon was a very welcome

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At Enterprise Architektura conference, Prague

I should have mentioned this one earlier… – things have been kinda busy lately! šŸ˜® An excellent time earlier this month, at the inaugural Enterprise Architektura conference in Prague. Very impressive for a first-time conference in a relatively small country:

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Still here, still busy

Yeah, I’ll admit I’ve gone a bit quiet recently. Over here on this blog, at least. But it hasn’t been that I haven’t been doing anything. There isĀ a lot that’s going on at present – though most of it is

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At Gartner EA 2016

Somewhat to my surprise, via a much-appreciated invitation from Lucy Jones and her colleagues at Gartner’s events-team, I found myself at the Gartner EA Summit conference in London last week. Interesting… Okay, yes, I’ll have to admit to still feeling

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At Integrated-EA 2016

Always enlivening and enlightening, and working with what is perhaps still the closest we’ll see so far to a real ‘the architecture of the enterprise’, the Defence-orientedĀ Integrated-EA conferenceĀ in London in early March is one of the regular highlights of my

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Slidedeck from IASA Business Architecture eSummit

A couple of days back I did an online session at IASA‘s eSummit on business-architecture. It seemed to go pretty well – I’ve had a few good comments about it since then, which is always a good sign. šŸ™‚ The

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Outcomes of an Australian EA tour

Now that I’m in the wrap-up phase for my Australian EA tour, how did it go? Pretty good, would be the short answer. A bit disappointing in certain aspects, but otherwise much what I’d hoped to see:Ā real signs of progress

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Upcoming EA tour in Australia

Currently scrambling through a swathe of slidedecks and suchlike… – that’s me getting ready for my upcoming ‘Antipodean Tour’, with a wide range of sessions on enterprise-architecture and related themes currently booked for various dates and places in Melbourne, Sydney

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Insights from #ogAMS

What’s the current state of mainstream enterprise-architecture? Where is it headed? I’ve just spent the past few days in and around the Open Group’s Amsterdam ‘summit’. (I say ‘in and around’ because I was there officially for just one of

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At Integrated-EA 2014

Always an interesting event, this one: Integrated-EA, the annual Defence-oriented enterprise-architecture conference in London that’s been a favourite part of my calendar for some years now. This time I was only able to go to the second day – I

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