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EA toolsets – time to get on the cluetrain?

It was an interesting little insight – one of those things that just seem to arise spontaneously sometimes, out of the aether, at the right kind of conference. The first part was a panel-session: five different vendors, each with their

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Podcasts and videocasts – any requests?

Just a quick question – or request for priorities, perhaps. I’m at last getting my act together on doing podcasts and videocasts around my existing and future materials. The podcasts will probably be two to five minutes long, on any appropriate

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I’m sorry, but I just can’t afford it

Pray let me introduce you to a bleak, blunt fact of the futurist’s working-life: …where futurists work ain’t where the money is. In this so-called ‘economy’, where money drives everything and short-termism rules the roost, there’s almost no way to

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At Open Group London 2013 – and certification again

Another month, another enterprise-architecture conference? This time it was Open Group London, billed as “Business Transformation in Finance, Government and Healthcare”. Of which it did cover some – according to the programme and the Twitterstream, anyway. (See the Open Group’s ‘highlights’

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Enterprise-architecture – which way forward?

Which way forward for enterprise-architecture? It’s common to think of enterprise-architecture (EA) as a discipline that’s mainly about getting the best use of the organisation’s IT. Yet whilst, yes, most job-descriptions for EA these days will still revolve around some

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Two recent EA conferences – Unicom and BAEA

Need to do a bit of a catch-up on recent activity – a lot’s been going on, but it’s only now that I’m having a few scraps of time to write it all down. Two key items have been a

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At Social Business Summit London 2013

What’s the best way for businesses to engage with social-media? What are the successes, the traps and gotchas, the new ideas and innovations that work well, the old ideas that don’t? Those were some of the themes that Dachis Group’s

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At BPM Portugal 2013

Some quick notes on the BPM Portugal conference in Lisbon last week. It was international in the sense that there were a few ‘foreigners’ like me, who did their presentations in English, but otherwise most of the conference was in

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“Who will lead us out of our uncertainty?”

“The world still reels from the fallout from the crisis of 2008 :: Who will lead us out of our uncertainty?” Those are the frame-captions for a cartoon-style advert that’s currently running on the Forbes website, for an upcoming conference

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At Unicom-EA 2013

Another week, another conference? Yes, I know it does sometimes seem a bit like that, but that’s part of what I do – getting the word out about enterprise-architecture, particularly at the larger whole-enterprise scope. This time it was in

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