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Currency, value and trust

More enterprise-architecture stuff, this time about the relationship between trust, value and money. This starts from a Tweet by Swedish consultant Oscar Berg, which triggered off a back-and-forth flurry: oscarberg: The main currencies of business have always been information &

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Money as the 'information-shavings' of the economy

Another follow-on to the theme about the economy as enterprise-architecture and the role of money within an economy. This one picks up from another direction, namely knowledge-management – specifically, a post on KMWorld by Phil Murray, ‘Everything is connected… really…

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Whuffie, currency and the 'ready-fire-aim' syndrome

Spent much of the past couple of days getting overly-involved in two great threads on Venessa Miemis‘ ‘Emergent by Design‘ blog: Social Capital is not the same as Whuffie What could the future of money look like? The first thread

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