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Why before who

Does the customer always come first? Do customer-needs drive everything? For that matter, is the customer always right? There’s been quite a lot of promotion of such ideas in my Twitter-stream lately, but I kinda have my doubts on all

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Services, customers and citizens

If we provide a service that is a monopoly or natural-monopoly, how should we relate with those who use our services? What’s the most appropriate metaphor to use, to guide our decision-making? I’ve been thinking hard about this for quite

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Who is the customer?

Who is the customer, in a business model? That’s perhaps not as simple as it sounds. I’ve been working on a long how-to post on using Business Model Canvas in a non-profit context, and realised that even in a commercial

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Intimations of hubris

One of the more interesting occupational hazards for the enterprise-architecture profession is a tendency to hubris… A couple of days ago I wrote a brief piece about Microsoft EA’s purported ‘breakthrough’ in ‘discovering’ business-oriented architecture. In it I made a somewhat

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