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SCAN and cultureSCAN

A quick ‘Just so you know’, really, to pre-empt some possible future confusion. I gather from Dave Gray that Dave Snowden is launching a new product, designed to work in conjunction with Cognitive Edge‘s existing ‘SenseMaker’ toolset: RT @davegray: Very

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Cynefin and the Chaotic domain – a (non)-review

This is the ‘review’ follow-on to the previous post ‘Cynefin and the Chaotic domain – an update‘. Back in that post I pointed to a report by Dave Snowden that he’s posted an update on ‘Cynefin subdomains in the Chaotic’,

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Cynefin and the Chaotic domain – an update

The first part of this is just a ‘public-service announcement’ service for Cynefin aficionados: Dave Snowden has announced that his current process of updating Cynefin has now extended to include a rethink of the Chaotic domain: RT @snowded: 2 months

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How anti-clients happen (and what to do about it)

Are there any anti-clients for you in your enterprise? Who are they? How did they turn so actively against you? And what can you do about it, and them, in the design and implementation of your enterprise-architecture? Who are anti-clients? To

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Co-inspiring in the Chaotic domain

How can we collaborate in chaos? Or, to put it the other way round, how can we use apparent chaos to drive decisions that guide towards some desired yet emergent aim? As you’ll see, this post itself is a kind of

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Updates to Cynefin

(Don’t worry: this is little more than a Public Service Announcement for those enterprise-architecture folks who are interested in the Cynefin framework.) From knowledge-management guru David Gurteen, I hear via Twitter that David Snowden is currently updating some of his

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More on principles and decision-time

Seems that that Twitter-conversation about principles and decision-making just keeps on rollin’ on. 🙂 Stijn Viaene kicked the ball rolling again with the following Tweet: destivia: @ebuise @tetradian @richardveryard Never forget a ‘model’ is always only a preliminary version of

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Comparing SCAN and Cynefin

Sensemaking in business? What is this [choose-your-expletive] ‘SCAN‘? Why complicate things with yet another sensemaking-framework? Isn’t SCAN just a rebadged rip-off of Cynefin? And why not just use Cynefin like everyone else does, anyway? I’ll be providing some detailed worked-examples

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Using Cynefin in enterprise-architecture

This is in part an addendum to the previous post. The main aim here, though, is simply to provide some practical guidance on how and where the Cynefin framework should and should not be used in enterprise-architectures and the like.

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Standing up for the value of our work

How do we prove the value of our work? How we defend that value against unprincipled attack? These are real questions that we all need to face, especially in inherently-‘unprovable’ disciplines such as enterprise-architecture. So let’s put these questions into practice.

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