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SCAN and cultureSCAN

A quick ‘Just so you know’, really, to pre-empt some possible future confusion. I gather from Dave Gray that Dave Snowden is launching a new product, designed to work in conjunction with Cognitive Edge‘s existing ‘SenseMaker’ toolset: RT @davegray: Very

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Solution-space: Beyond Cynefin?

The previous posts on ‘chaos and Cynefin’ were intended to contribute to an ongoing debate about how to use concepts from the published Cynefin framework and the like, and particularly to underpin a systematic exploration of what many Cynefin aficionados

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Alternatives to the 'Cynefin' term, please?

As may be seen from his comments to my previous posts on ‘Cynefin and chaos’, Dave Snowden has expressed extreme displeasure at my/our usage of the term ‘Cynefin’ to describe the solution-space nominally described by the Cynefin framework. Anyone have

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More on chaos and Cynefin

Another ‘exploratory’, following on from the previous post on ‘Complexity, Chaos and Enterprise Architecture‘, in terms of the Cynefin framework, and again developing out of Dave Snowden‘s excellent webinar on complexity and ‘abductive reasoning’. Cynefin is probably one of the

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Complexity, chaos and enterprise-architecture

Courtesy of a link by fellow enterprise-architect Sally Bean, I’ve just spent the past couple of hours viewing and then reviewing an online seminar on complexity by one of the thought-leaders on complexity-theory and practice, Dave Snowden: From Induction to

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Is Cynefin a cult?

(Following up on the furore from my previous post – somewhat tongue-in-cheek, of course, but with a serious point.) After Dave Snowden started accusing everyone – especially me – of ‘pseudoscience’ and ‘psychobabble’ – I began to worry. What if

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Magical-thinking and knowledge-management

It started, as these things so often do, with a Tweet on Twitter. (This has turned out to be an enormously long post – I’d better put a ‘Read more…’ link in here before continuing.)

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