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A tale of three toolsets

Time to get back on the toolsets trail… First, though, I’ll let Phil Beauvoir have his own rant about the current state of supposed ‘EA-toolsets’ – as per a series of Tweets he pushed out a few days ago: Better

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More on the ‘Why’ for new toolsets

As you may have noticed, I’ve been kinda struggling somewhat to fully explain the ‘Why’ behind all of this talk of ‘new toolsets for enterprise-architecture‘ and related disciplines. And then, out of the blue, via a reTweet from Phil Beauvoir

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From tools to toolset

Okay, I’ll admit to a certain amount of frustration here… Yes, I’ve been talking a lot about toolsets for enterprise-architecture and the like, the ‘Why’ for a new type of toolset, the workflows within which such toolsets would appear and

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Toolsets for associative modelling

Back on the toolsets theme, what’s the Why behind all this focus on a new type of toolset? Why won’t the existing toolsets do the job? In practice, the core concern is as per the previous post ‘Toolsets, pinball and un-dotting

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Form follows non-function

“Form follows function” – that’s what we were always taught at design-school. Yet is that actually true? I wonder… There was nothing in particular that triggered this one off: it was just one of those ‘first thing in the morning’

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On strategy and design

This one started a couple days ago, with a straightforward Tweet-query from Dave Gray: davegray: “Strategy is design.” Agree or disagree? Why? What followed was, for me, one of the best back-and-forth Twitter-conversations in recent weeks: nickmalik: @davegray design is

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Notes on architecture versus design

Several people, including Nigel Green, Doug Newdick and Kris Meukens, picked up on my comments about architecture versus design in my earlier post ‘Great conversations on enterprise-architecture‘. Nigel kindly wrote a follow-up post on his Posterous blog, and Kris pointed to an

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Enterprise architecture and strategy

Another weblog item that’s been triggered by a question on Twitter, though in this case it came via a personal ‘direct message’ from Australian enterprise-architect Mike Aikins (@AussiMike): Surely there are groups focused on the art and discipline of strategic

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