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A checklist for business-transformations

What’s a key tool to help manage something as wide-ranging and complex as a business-transformation? Answer: a checklist. The following checklist for business-transformations is adapted from one that we use in our own work on transformation. A matching slidedeck with

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A services-checklist for digital-transformation

Digital-transformation is most likely to succeed when it’s based on principles of service-design and service-management. The following transformation-checklist can be applied to all forms and modes of service-delivery – not just IT-based, but any appropriate combinations of people, machines and

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Push or pull? – two views of enterprise

For digital-transformation, what’s the difference between ‘push’ and ‘pull’? And where and how does enterprise-story come into the picture? At first, these questions might seem more about marketing and suchlike than about ‘digital’ as such – yet the reality is

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Missing the point

It looked fair enough at first, this otherwise innocuous-seeming comment on a recent post of mine, over on LinkedIn: Without information management capabilities how does the organization interact within itself and the broader shared-enterprise. For example the interaction between an

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Digital-transformation – it’s about (much) more than just digital

Digital-transformation? We’ve been here before. And if we’re not careful about it, as enterprise-architects and others, we risk making an even worse hash of it than we did on those previous times. Oops… But what is ‘digital transformation’? There are

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