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RBPEA: Opportunities unheeded…

Following on from that description of ‘further-futures’ enterprise-architecture, several folks have asked me for a real example of the kind of world that I see, as an outcome of ‘Really-Big-Picture Enterprise-Architecture‘ [RBPEA]. In other words, what would be the outcome

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Making sense in disruption

An unexpected referendum result in one smallish country that triggers business-uncertainty on a literally worldwide scope and scale: that’s Brexit. A nice example, in fact, of what’s really meant by the term ‘disruption‘. What happens when those ‘rules’ by which

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Pre-emptive defence

I’m about to embark on a shift in direction or emphasis, to much more of what I’ve previously described as Really-Big-Picture Enterprise-Architecture (RBPEA), applying enterprise-architecture/systems-thinking principles and practices to concerns at much larger scopes and scales – all the way

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Bending reality (short version)

Do you believe in magic? Most people don’t. But this isn’t about magic as such – it’s about belief: in particular, Gooch’s Paradox, that “things not only have to be seen to be believed, but also have to be believed to

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Bending reality

Do you believe in magic? [Yep, this one is long – more than 7000 words, or long even by my somewhat-extreme standards for blogging. But there are good reasons why it needs to be this long, as you’ll discover later – and

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Open Group TweetJam on digital-disruption

Yesterday (02 October 2013) the Open Group ran one of its occasional ‘TweetJam’ Twitter-discussions – also known as an #ogChat. This time it was on digital disruption – disruption to existing business-models, typically (but, as we will see, not only) by

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Not the New Normal

What’s the trend? What’s going to be the New Normal, in business and elsewhere? Perhaps it’s just that time of year when people indulge in pointless ‘predictions’, but I’ve been seeing lots of articles recently that something-or-other either is or

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I don’t know

I don’t know. There – how hard was that to say? For some people, seemingly impossible. But as an enterprise-architect and a generalist, I have to be able to say it often – very often, in fact. Because the fact

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Work-in-progress – two more books

Another follow-on to the earlier post ‘Helping others make sense of my work‘, just a quick note to let you know about two current book-projects. The first has a working-title of The enterprise as story: the role of narrative in enterprise-architecture.

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Using SCAN: some quick examples

Yeah, right. ‘SCAN’. Yet another pretty acronym. What’s the point? What’s the use? Gimme some real examples, huh? This one’s a follow-up to the previous post “Let’s do a quick SCAN on this”, in which I introduced the SCAN frame

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