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Updated 'Everyday Enterprise Architecture' is now available

At Dave Snowden’s request, I’ve re-edited my new book Everyday Enterprise Architecture: sensemaking, strategy, structures and solutions to clarify the differences between the Cynefin framework and my own work as described here. That update is now complete, and the amended master-files

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Book 'Everyday Enterprise Architecture' is now complete

And another book off to press: Everyday Enterprise Architecture: sensemaking, strategy, structures and solutions. The master-files went off to Lightning Source on Friday, but I didn’t have time to update the Tetradian Books website until this morning. (Note for various

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"Doing Enterprise Architecture" is complete

Delighted to say that I’ve now completed the next book in my ‘Tetradian Enterprise Architecture’ series, Doing Enterprise Architecture: process and practice in the real enterprise, with the master-files now delivered to Lightning Source for printing. The sample-version PDF is

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One of the more interesting distractions in running the Tetradian Books website is in looking up the Whois listings to see who’s downloading what. Right now the Visio function model stencil seems to be the most popular download, but there’s

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Last-chance confirmed

(Reminder that this ‘last chance’ is only about the Enterprise Architecture series on the Tetradian Books website – not the Alternate Realities series such as Disciplines of Dowsing.) Received the e-book publishing contract yesterday, and is dated to begin 10

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Last chance to download?

Some very good news from my side: I’ve had a preliminary offer by a well-known IT-industry publisher to market and sell the print and e-book editions of the books in my Tetradian Books ‘Enterprise Architecture’ series. The catch for you

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'Disciplines' reference-sheet

Prepared a handout on The Disciplines of Dowsing for the book-launch at the British Society of Dowsers conference this weekend, and realised it would probably be of more general use as well. You’ll find it up on the Tetradian Books

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Still un-blundering…

Continuing the fixups from my mildly embarrassing blunder with e-book downloads on Tetradian Books – looks like I didn’t get it right that time either. 🙁 Looks like it may have been a case of Read The Fine Manual… oops.

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A mildly embarrassing blunder

Just discovered, courtesy of a much-appreciated comment from John Gøtze, that my e-book download-links in Tetradian Books weren’t working properly. Or rather, they were, but only for ‘right click and save’, not for simple click, which is what I’d written.

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