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Embracing our inner weirdness

Easter. In the Christian calendar at least – and in the pagan one that preceded it – it’s supposed to be a time of rebirth. Yet rebirth of what? And into what, or whom? If it’s a more personal form

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Republishing my other backlist

Yeah, it’s been a while. And that’s the point, really: when you get to my, uh, advanced age, you kinda find there’s quite a bit of legacy piling up behind you… some of which is worth revisiting from time to time.

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What I do and how I do it

What do I do, and how do I do it? What’s the nature of my work, and the methods that I use? And for that matter, why? That’s perhaps the shortest summary to a request by Anthony Draffin, in a comment

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Dowsing the flames

The headline article in The Independent caught my attention this morning: ‘Head of bomb detector company arrested in fraud investigation‘. “This is an act of terrible betrayal”, wrote the Independent’s defence  journalist Kim Sengupta in a parallel piece – clearly

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Is Cynefin a cult?

(Following up on the furore from my previous post – somewhat tongue-in-cheek, of course, but with a serious point.) After Dave Snowden started accusing everyone – especially me – of ‘pseudoscience’ and ‘psychobabble’ – I began to worry. What if

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Magical-thinking and knowledge-management

It started, as these things so often do, with a Tweet on Twitter. (This has turned out to be an enormously long post – I’d better put a ‘Read more…’ link in here before continuing.)

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Innovation in unexpected places

Spent part of last weekend at the annual conference of the British Society of Dowsers – the folks who do water-divining (‘water-witching’ in the US) and similar skills. I’ve worked with them at various times over the past thirty or

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SixthSense – excellent technology, but potential term-hijack?

Courtesy of a Tweet from knowledge-management figurehead David Gurteen, I’ve been looking at a TED presentation on Media Labs’ so-called ‘SixthSense‘ project. [Apologies, couldn’t get the embed to work – please use the links above instead.] As David puts it,

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Fare thee well John Michell

It’s both saddening and sobering to reach the age where close friends and colleagues start appearing in the Obituary columns in the national newspapers… A couple of years ago it was Mike Mepham, who worked with me for some years

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Metageum conference

A few days ago I had a last-minute request to present at the Metageum conference in London this weekend. (Don’t quite know how to categorise Metageum: kind of an earth-mysteries focus – Stonehenge and that sort of stuff, if you

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