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Maggie’s Farm

We’re two days away from what will almost certainly be one of the greatest collective-blunders ever to impact the US, and possibly the world as well. Here in Britain, we have a similar collective-blunder that is fast approaching its endgame.

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The future of work, and money

Seems lots of people these days are writing about ‘the future of work’ – and even putting some of that thinking into practice, too. But is that thinking going anything like deep enough? Hmm… – not sure about that… So

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When Monopoly goes beyond a game…

Back when we were kids, there was one well-worn answer to those long damp dreary days of the English so-called summer: pull out the board-games! One of which, of course, was Monopoly: Which worked well, for a while. As kids,

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On value-governance

What do I mean, when I talk about ‘value-governance’ in an enterprise-architecture sense? In Enterprise Canvas, what does that ‘Value Governance’ cell represent? What do its services actually do, for the service, the organisation and the overall enterprise? This one’s for

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Price, value and Glasgow School of Art

If you want to understand the difference between price and value, look no further than the tragedy unfolding today in Glasgow: the Glasgow School of Art – Charles Rennie Mackintosh‘s great masterpiece of Art Nouveau – going up in flames. This Wikimedia photo gives

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Price, value, worth and cost

It didn’t look like much. Not worth much, certainly. It had been a gift from a friend, a former colleague: I’d had it for years, kept it reasonably safe in an old battered ring-case, until finally it was lost somewhere.

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The gift of a world

It’s heavy – that’s all I can tell at first. Slowly, carefully, I unwrap the present my great-niece has given me. It’s a small wooden box, with brass hinges and fastener, and with my name inlaid on top in green

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Business-models between for-profit and not-for-profit

Is money the only possible form of profit? And if not, what does that imply for design of business-models? – and, beyond that, to economics itself? This is one that I’ve been struggling with, both personally and professionally, for a

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A kind of manifesto (short version)

Enterprise-architecture is dead; long live the architecture of the enterprise? Or something like that, anyway… Time for a kind of manifesto, I guess? As is perhaps too usual in my writing, the full-length version of the ‘manifesto’ ended up, uh, kinda long…

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A kind of manifesto

Enterprise-architecture is dead; long live the architecture of the enterprise? Or something like that, anyway… So, what next? Time for a kind of manifesto, I guess? At the least, time for a fairly major paradigm-change in how we view the

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