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The gift of a world

It’s heavy – that’s all I can tell at first. Slowly, carefully, I unwrap the present my great-niece has given me. It’s a small wooden box, with brass hinges and fastener, and with my name inlaid on top in green

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Business-models between for-profit and not-for-profit

Is money the only possible form of profit? And if not, what does that imply for design of business-models? – and, beyond that, to economics itself? This is one that I’ve been struggling with, both personally and professionally, for a

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A kind of manifesto (short version)

Enterprise-architecture is dead; long live the architecture of the enterprise? Or something like that, anyway… Time for a kind of manifesto, I guess? As is perhaps too usual in my writing, the full-length version of the ‘manifesto’ ended up, uh, kinda long…

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A kind of manifesto

Enterprise-architecture is dead; long live the architecture of the enterprise? Or something like that, anyway… So, what next? Time for a kind of manifesto, I guess? At the least, time for a fairly major paradigm-change in how we view the

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I’m sorry, but I just can’t afford it

Pray let me introduce you to a bleak, blunt fact of the futurist’s working-life: …where futurists work ain’t where the money is. In this so-called ‘economy’, where money drives everything and short-termism rules the roost, there’s almost no way to

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Every organisation is ‘for-profit’

What’s the fundamental difference between a for-profit organisation, and a not-for-profit one? Or, for that matter, between either of those and, say, a government department, or an NGO (non-governmental organisation)? Short answer: none – because every organisation is a for-profit organisation. The only

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Costs of acquisition, retention, de-acquisition

How much does it cost to acquire a customer? To retain a customer? To lose a customer? And in what sense of ‘cost’? In part this one was triggered by reading through my relatively-new copy of Business Model You, and

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“Who will lead us out of our uncertainty?”

“The world still reels from the fallout from the crisis of 2008 :: Who will lead us out of our uncertainty?” Those are the frame-captions for a cartoon-style advert that’s currently running on the Forbes website, for an upcoming conference

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Four principles for a sane society: an addendum

What architectures do we need for a society and economics that’d be viable and sustainable over the longer term? And how do we scale that down to the the everyday work we do at present in enterprise-architectures and the like?

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Four principles for a sane society: Summary

How do we make sense of the big-picture in enterprise-architecture? The really big-picture? For those who didn’t (or couldn’t!) read the full series, here’s a (shortish) summary of each of those (rather over-long) posts… From the Introduction Part of the work I’ve been

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