And it’s catch-up time again… not too delayed this time, though. A rather larger collection of Tweets and links this week – not sure why. Usual categories, usual comments or tags in italics, usual ‘Read more…’ link. As usual. 🙂

Almost catching up on the backlog: the last week’s collection of Tweets and links, only a few days late! 🙂 Usual categories, of course, after the usual ‘Read more…’ link.

Still in catch-up, as seems to occur all too often – apologies. Another week’s-worth of Tweets and links, anyway. Usual categories, of course, after the usual ‘Read more…’ link.

Another week’s collection of Tweets and links. Running a bit late with this one – a lot of time and effort for the AERio conference, and then allowed myself to get distracted by the Libyan mess, which was not a …

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Another week passed by, this time with somewhat of an overload of Tweets and links. (The week also included a lot of back-and-forth on Roger Sessions’ new paper, as described here.) Over to you for the detail, in the usual …

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Slipping back a bit – time to catch up with the previous week’s Tweets and links. Usual categories, nothing particularly different in that this time. After the ‘Read more…’ link, of course.

Still on catchup. but getting close: the previous week’s collection of Tweets and links; usual categories, of course. (The Tweets from the Troux EA conference, which also took place during this week, are already posted here and here.) It’s all …

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