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Positioning Enterprise Canvas in enterprise-architecture work

As I mentioned again quite recently, I’m always pleased to see how others use my work, because there are usually themes in there that I hadn’t seen before. So the other day, whilst listening in on the Open Group webinar

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Analyst, anarchist, architect

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis: the old Hegelian triad. But what’s that got to do with enterprise-architecture and the like? Quite a lot, as it happens – though we might need to take a detour or two to get there, of course. 🙂

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More signs of movement on enterprise-architecture

A great session last week with tool-vendor Alfabet, at their launch of a new London-based enterprise-architecture interest-group. (There’d been a previous one run by Microsoft, but it’d closed down somewhen late last year. This looks like it’ll be a very

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