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RBPEA: On equality and gender

What is equality? How do we create it, support it? – and why? Is equal always the same as identical? – and if not, why not, and how not? And what part does gender play in any of these? –

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When identical is not the same as equal

Is ‘identical’ always the same as ‘equal’? Not in service-design – and one of the issues we need to watch for is to ensure that identical service-provision does not lead to far-from-equal service-outcomes. If ever you want an all-too-real example of

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Margaret Mead on gender-equality

Whilst working on a previous post on rights and responsibilities, I needed to hunt out the original of a phrase attributed to the anthropologist Margaret Mead, that “motherhood is a biological fact, fatherhood is a social fiction”. A quick search brought

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