A question of Who

Back at the launch of TOGAF 9, some eighteen months ago, one of the Open Group leads took me aside to a quiet corner of the hall. He looked around, as if to make sure that none of his colleagues

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Microsoft's 'breakthrough' in enterprise-architecture

A couple of weeks back, Gabriel Morgan of Microsoft’s internal Enterprise Strategic Planning unit posted an article on what he described as a ‘breakthrough’ in enterprise-architecture, “A Breakthrough: Maturing EA to be a Catalyst to Transform the Company“: It’s time

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Enterprise architecture and strategy

Another weblog item that’s been triggered by a question on Twitter, though in this case it came via a personal ‘direct message’ from Australian enterprise-architect Mike Aikins (@AussiMike): Surely there are groups focused on the art and discipline of strategic

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TOGAF for Feds

This one starts with a blog-post by John Polgreen, of training-group Architecting the Enterprise, called “TOGAF for Feds – Isn’t TOGAF too IT-centric for Fed EA?”. The key issue that of scope: TOGAF is often associated with IT architecture, as

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Slideshare #8: Whole-of-enterprise architecture

And the last in the current series of slide-decks that I’ve placed on Slideshare. This one’s from early 2007, and describes some of the analysis that I did at that period to find ways to break free from the usual

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