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Playing ‘pass the grenade’?

Are you playing ‘pass the grenade’ with your business? Is your entire industry doing it? And if so, what can you do to defuse the metaphoric grenade? What’s the ‘grenade’? Well, it’s kinda like a hot-potato – except that you’ll

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A Modest Proposal

After half a decade, the challenges and problems arising from the financial collapse of 2007-8 are still dragging on and on. With the economies of entire countries seemingly brought to their knees, and no apparent end in sight to any

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Enterprise-architecture and financial-services

Yes, this is another ‘how not to do it’ post. And no, this isn’t about the current Barclays mess, but instead about a quote I saw in a passing tweet by enterprise-architect Joseph George: RT @josephg5: “Financial services can be thought

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