These days my Twitter-feed has become my main source of environmental-scanning – in other words, as a means to discover what’s going on in my various areas of professional interest. As with most other Twitter users, I re-Tweet some of …

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Still doing catch-up, but here it is – another week’s-worth of tweets and links, in the usual categories, with a couple of extras, all after the usual ‘Read more…’ link:

Urgently need to do a catch-up on the ‘week in tweets’ series: I’m running almost four weeks behind, which is not good – many apologies. Usual categories and a couple of extra items, anyway, after the usual ‘Read more…’ link:

Another week gone by, running late again, but we do have the usual collection os Tweets and links. More after the ‘Read more…’ link:

Running a bit late this time due to self-imposed pressure to get a book complete. But it’s the same old miscellany of a week’s-worth of Tweets and links, sorted into the same old categories, preceded by the same old ‘Read …

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