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Technology-adoption, Wardley-maps and Bimodal-IT

By now, most people in enterprise-architecture will know Gartner’s beloved ‘Bimodal IT’ as ‘the gift that goes on giving’ – giving of wry laughter, that is, as the Gartner consultants seemingly each queue up, one after another, to make ever-more-futile

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At Gartner EA 2016

Somewhat to my surprise, via a much-appreciated invitation from Lucy Jones and her colleagues at Gartner’s events-team, I found myself at the Gartner EA Summit conference in London last week. Interesting… Okay, yes, I’ll have to admit to still feeling

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Seven sins and the Hype Cycle

Where does the Hype Cycle come from? Okay, we know it was originated by consultancy-firm Gartner some years ago, and that it looks like this: Or, more simply, like this: And we also know that it aligns well with Rogers et al’s technology-adoption lifecycle:

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Gartner et al. – gettin’ there on EA

Nice to see that even the ‘big fish’ are finally ‘gettin’ there’ on the real scope of enterprise-architecture… A month ago we saw Open Group begin to re-frame their previous IT-centred approach to EA into a new style of ‘enterprise

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Business architect and enterprise architect

This one started from a Tweet from Vince Outlaw, one of the attendees at the recent Gartner EA conference in San Diego: SMOutlaw: Hot IT job No. 1: Business architect http://ow.ly/5p44R Very timely as Enterprise Business Architecture is a HUGE

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Great conversations on enterprise-architecture

A busy week this has been. The Gartner EA Summit and the Open Group Enterprise Architecture Practitioners conference were both on in London at the same time, little more than a few hundred yards apart. And a lot of other

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Microsoft's 'breakthrough' in enterprise-architecture

A couple of weeks back, Gabriel Morgan of Microsoft’s internal Enterprise Strategic Planning unit posted an article on what he described as a ‘breakthrough’ in enterprise-architecture, “A Breakthrough: Maturing EA to be a Catalyst to Transform the Company“: It’s time

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Hybrid-thinking, enterprise architecture and the US Army

Might seem a somewhat strange mix, but the link between them is Gartner‘s ‘new line of research’ in the enterprise-architecture/business-transformation space. ‘Hybrid thinking‘ is a term that Nick Gall and others in Gartner’s enterprise-architecture team have adopted from a Fast

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