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Healthcare and information-flow

If we seek to create ‘boundaryless information flow’ in a healthcare context, where is the centre around which that information revolves? And in a healthcare context – or others, for that matter – just how ‘boundaryless’ can, or should, information-flow ever

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Rethinking the DIKW hierarchy

What are the relationships between data, information, knowledge and wisdom? This is one of the classic challenges in the knowledge-management [KM] space. The usual way to describe those relationships is that it’s a stack, or a hierarchy, or a pyramid,

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Where is the information when we need it?

We boarded the plane, settled down in our seats, to await pushback from the gate – the usual ‘hurry up and wait’ of everyday air-travel. Seemed to take a bit longer than usual, though. Strange clonks and thumps from beneath

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