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Open Group, HERA and healthcare

The Open Group’s Healthcare Forum recently published (free, but registration required) their version 0.1 ‘snapshot’ for HERA, their proposed ‘Healthcare Enterprise Reference Architecture’. What follows is a quick(ish) review, together with some practical recommendations. I’ll try to be nice –

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Engaging stakeholders in healthcare-IT

Back a couple years or so ago, I was at the conference of a well-known group in enterprise-architecture and the like. (They’d best remain nameless here, for reasons you’ll see in a moment.) They were just launching a new initiative

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Open Group TweetJam on ‘Platform 3.0’

A quick ‘public-service’ blog-post to document a possibly-useful conversation for enterprise-architects and others. Yesterday (6 June 2013) The Open Group ran a ‘tweet-jam‘ online-conversation, to: examine how convergent technologies such as Big Data, Social, Mobile and The Internet of Things are

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Rethinking the DIKW hierarchy

What are the relationships between data, information, knowledge and wisdom? This is one of the classic challenges in the knowledge-management [KM] space. The usual way to describe those relationships is that it’s a stack, or a hierarchy, or a pyramid,

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The deliverables of enterprise architecture

Just what are the deliverables of whole-enterprise architecture? In part this is a follow-on to the previous post ‘Ending the shoot-out at the EA Corral‘, about finding ways to end the seemingly ceaseless battles between those enterprise-architects who focus only on

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Interoperability and interresponsibility

(This one’s somewhat exploratory, so perhaps pardon me if I ramble a bit more even than usual here?) Reading Dion Hinchcliffe’s excellent post ‘Enterprise Social Networks Need Open Standards‘ left me pondering on the whole thorny issue of interoperability, and

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The Cloud is in the cloud

This one’s another follow-up from the model-development session with Stuart Boardman last Friday, and relates to a different way to understand the often over-hyped Cloud. [I hasten to add that most of what follows is just a minor elaboration on an

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IT-oriented versus IT-centric

Earlier today I came across a Tweet from the Open Group that pointed to an interview with Dr Leon Keppleman at University of North Texas. Given that the note was from Open Group, no surprise that it was mostly about

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More on identity and Mask

Who or what is ‘I’? How does our experience of ‘I’ change as we interact with our world? Yes, I do know that those questions might seem to fit more in philosophy or psychology. But as per the previous post,

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Identifier, identity, persona and Mask

Who or what is ‘I’? How do others recognise that ‘I’? How does that ‘I’ express itself? – with what voice does that ‘I’ speak? And how do others recognise that voice? Yeah, I know, sounds like philosophy and stuff

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