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Enterprise-architecture and the Cloud

Okay, let’s go back to something that’s perhaps a bit less controversial than the past few posts… This one starts with a ‘rant’ (as he put it) by Anders Jensen, about the ongoing hype over (gosh!) ‘the Cloud’: aojensen: As

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Unravelling the anatomy of Archimate

The Archimate notation aims to be the standard to be used by everyone in enterprise-architecture and related fields. But what exactly is its anatomy – its underlying structure? And if it’s aimed at enterprise-architecture, what is it about that structure

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Tweets from Open Group conference, Austin

A selection of Tweets from various folks – with an especial thank-you to @systemsflow and @theopengroup – from the Open Group conference, Austin, Texas, 18-20 July 2011, via the Twitter hashtag #ogaus. (Selected in the sense that most of the

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Business architect and enterprise architect

This one started from a Tweet from Vince Outlaw, one of the attendees at the recent Gartner EA conference in San Diego: SMOutlaw: Hot IT job No. 1: Business architect http://ow.ly/5p44R Very timely as Enterprise Business Architecture is a HUGE

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Architecting the enterprise backbone

Software-architect extraordinaire Simon Brown kindly pointed me to the InfoQ article ‘Agile and Architecture Conflict‘, which summarised the views of various folks on the ‘agile vs architecture’ debate, including myself, Simon and another of my regular co-creators (co-conspirators? 🙂 ),

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Tweets from Open Group conference, San Diego

The following a selected subset of the Tweets and links sent out by attendees and other from the Open Group (TOGAF) conference on enterprise-architecture, IT-security and cloud-computing. Given my own interests, I’ve emphasised enterprise-architecture, but I’ve included many of the

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On business-rules

Reading James Taylor’s recent piece “Business rules are king“, pretty much every one of my enterprise-architecture alarm-bells went off. Yes, it’s a good article – recommended reading. And I would strongly agree with its implication that there’s a real and

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