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The dilution of enterprise-architecture

“What concerns me is the dilution of what EA means to the point it has no meaning.” That’s what he said. But is this a real concern that we should be worried about in enterprise-architecture? Or a red-herring that arises

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“The history of enterprise architecture proves…”

When a discipline such as enterprise-architecture is changing all the time, just how useful is it to hark back to its history? The start-point for this one was that, in one of those interminable threads on LinkedIn, several of the

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IT-centrism and real-world enterprise-architecture

Is there an IT-based solution to every business problem? And is the IT-based solution always the most efficient and effective option? One of my more constant struggles in EA is to get supposed ‘enterprise architects’ to think about each context in its

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Big-data, big-information, big-knowledge

For all the hype around big-data at present, is that all that we really need? I have my doubts… Let’s take the classic ‘DIKW stack’: data, information, knowledge, wisdom. And then realise that it’s not a stack – it’s more like a

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EA toolsets – time to get on the cluetrain?

It was an interesting little insight – one of those things that just seem to arise spontaneously sometimes, out of the aether, at the right kind of conference. The first part was a panel-session: five different vendors, each with their

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The importance of ‘also’

“Every business is an information business.” That was the first line of an infographic I saw this morning. And yep, no doubt about it: every business is indeed an information business. But there’s a rather important word that’s missing there: also.

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A bit more broken

How did enterprise-architecture get to be so broken? I know I promised to move on to tactics that we can use to recover from the brokenness – and I will do so in the next post. But I must admit

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Why broken?

If the mainstream approach to enterprise-architectures is broken – and so badly broken, at that – then why is it broken? In what way is it broken? What are the core reasons behind why it’s so broken? And why ask this?

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It started with an anguished Skype-call from a colleague: “Have you seen this?”, he said. He was pretty upset about it: and after reading the post he’d pointed to, so was I. One of the major consultancies – a self-styled ‘thought-leader’

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The egg-sorting machine

One of our more frequent challenges in enterprise-architecture is to get The Usual Suspects to understand that, yes, there are indeed many other kinds of technology than just the IT – and even if whatever-it-is has a computer in it,

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